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Import Customs Clearance Services:


  • Customs Brokerage at all Indian Ports

  • Import and Export Carnet Provider

  • In-Bond Electronic Entry

  • HTS Classification

  • Remote Entries and Filing

  • Temporary Import Bond (TIB)

  • Customs Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Arrival Notice

  • Commercial Invoicing

  • Packing List

  • Ocean Bill of Lading (BOL) or Air Waybill (AWB)

  • Destination Charges

  • Consulting and Advising the new Importer

  • Customs Bonds and Cargo Insurance

  • FDA Prior Notice Filing

  • Importer Security Filing (ISF / “10+2”)

  • Foreign Trade Zone Experts

  • Importing Exotic Fish & Wildlife

  • Importing Biologists

  • DOT, EPA, State, Commerce Agency Clearance


Why Choose SKY INTERNATIONAL for Your Import Customs Clearance:


  • We are your single source for all Imports and Customs Clearance

  • SKY INTERNATIONAL'S in-house brokers have decades of professional experience and truly make your import process a breeze

  • SKY INTERNATIONAL provides customized import schedules tailored to your business needs

  • Inclusive of A-to-Z importing services, reducing delays and saving you on costs

  • Door-to-door shipping services by SKY INTERNATIONAL.

  • Experienced in clearing the most complex, high value, high volume entries and commodities

   Are you an Amazon Seller or Amazon Vendor in need of an Amazon Customs Clearance Shipping Company to fulfill your A-Z Shipping     Needs?

  • SKY INTERNATIONAL services Amazon FBA beginners to Amazon seasoned vets on their A-to-Z, door-to-door needs

  • SKY INTERNATIONAL has a dynamic and growing list of e-Commerce fulfillment clientele, from the high volume to high value, to the most complex and demanding domestic and cross-border e-Commerce fulfillment for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors

  • Check out our full range of services via Freight Services, and get your free shipping quote here today!

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